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There is a need more than ever to learn meditation and mindfulness. To improve our mental health, clarity of mind, improve focus, to be able to learn how to slow down, to reduce the chatter in our minds, improve sleep patterns, to feel more peaceful and to live a full and content life.

With some simple and achievable techniques, you can join me in meditation practices here at 101. The content has short clips that you can learn techniques of meditation, pranayama (breathing practices) and mindfulness.








Stretch and Flexibility

Stretch and Flexibility Yoga gives you the time to release tension in your body, creating space in your joints to move freely, to balance and improve postural alignment, for injury prevention, longevity, muscle recovery, circulation, lymphatic drainage, so many more benefits that your body will thank you!
Our Stretch and Flexibility Yoga Classes online provide not only postures that improve your flexibility, but valuable info to make the
most out of your practice.

Tips to help improve flexibility when practicing with me online:

1. Engage opposing muscles, such as quads (top of thigh) and drawing in abdominals as you reach forward in a seated forward fold.

2. Start the stretch at 60-70% of your full range and take your time. Giving your body time to process the position allows it to relax more and you will go further.

3. Make use of yoga props if available. Having a yoga strap to put around your feet can be a great way to start without straining any other part of the body

4. Dynamic movement can be highly effective when improving flexibility and mobility in joints. Moving slightly in and out of the stretch a few times is a great way to work ‘with the body instead of against it’

5. Practice consistently to gain improvements, 1 mm at a time.

6. My final tip for today is... leave judgement and expectation and all that negative dialogue out the door. It’s good to close your eyes when you stretch so you aren’t comparing yourself to anyone and you have a chance to connect with your breath and this moment.

See you on the mat.