A Note From Michelle

Greetings to you!

It is lovely to be able to reach out to you all via this newsletter as a platform to share some inspiring, good news stories, a healthy recipe that I enjoy myself, some motivational advice on health, wellbeing and exercise and tips and tricks to assist you along the way. 

Today, firstly I would like to introduce myself to you, if you have never met me before. I think it is nice to be able to share a little of my story for you to get to know me a little more.

As a little girl, I would watch my mother practicing yoga in the lounge room back in the ‘70’s and stand in silence and awe of the way she could stretch and move with grace and ease. I started classical ballet at the age of 3 and found so much freedom of spirit when I danced. There was a relentless question that came up for me from this age and that was, what is yoga? I knew that I needed to investigate the philosophy behind yoga.

After high school I followed my passion of dance and started a dancing school which was a dream come true.

My intention was to hold a space where children could experience the love of dance as I did. To be able to express themselves through dance and feel freedom of spirit. 

I continued with the dancing school and also studied in group fitness and personal training to motivate adults to stay healthy and well. There was something missing…. Underlying in people’s lives I saw stress, anxiety, pain and grief. Once again that relentless voice in my head tells me that I need to investigate the philosophy of yoga. “Yoga holds the answers.” The voice repeated in my head. My intention was to do all the ground work, adapt the philosophy into my life. Be the ‘guinea pig’ as they say.

‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ as Gandhi has been quoted that is exactly where my path took me!

After working with hundreds of clients over 25 years, it is with great pleasure that I am able to extend my teaching further than my own studio through this online platform, and at the same time stay genuinely true to the teachings of yoga and wellness.


Michelle Caldwell

Reg. Senior Yoga Teacher

Mindfulness coach

Pilates and physical movement specialist

Yoga Teacher Trainer



Owner/Director of Yoga 101 Studio