A free and effective 15 minute, 'Yoga for Flexibility' class.

A free 10 minuteguided meditation class.

Yoga for Beginners Class - 16 minutes

An intermediate yoga vinyasa flow class - 21 minutes

Have you always wanted to learn the process to getting in to the crow or headstand?  Nothing beats a personal training session with your yoga instructor, but here I have tried to explain the key points you will need to get you in to a headstand and the crow safely. *Please do not attempt this if you have any inversion contraindications, neck injury, pregnancy, shoulder or wrist injury, high blood pressure or eye disease

Yoga Online Classes

Learn yoga in the comfort of your own home, or at lunchtime at the office.   Our first class is a yoga class to improve flexibility.  This 15 minute class also teaches you some very important relaxation and breathing techniques that will relax your body and help to relieve stress.

I often hear people say that they are not flexible enough to go to a yoga class and so now I have put together a series of videos so that you can practice at home safely every day and then feel confident to step in to our studio. (We really aren't that scary ;)

Our second video in the series is a guided relaxation/ meditation class.  This can be done seated on a chair, seated on the floor or lying down. (even in bed before sleeping) It is also a lovely meditation for children to learn mindfulness and relaxation. A supportive class to help to relieve stress, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, chronic pain or illness.

Our third online class now released is beginner yoga.  A great place to start.  Start to move your body.  Take options that suit you today and you will notice the benefits that yoga brings.  These are some of the poses that we teach in our Beginner Yoga Classes at the Studio.  Sharing these free videos are to allow you to experience our classes at a time that suits you and when you are ready to come in to our Studio, or one in your community, you will have some knowledge about classic yoga postures.

I also wanted to offer an express 20 minute vinyasa class, which is a little more advanced.  It begins with pranayama, and then moves into a dynamic vinyasa, to empower, strengthen and detox the whole system. Enjoy!

Not sure how to do those inversions (headstand and crow) at the end of the sequence?  I have uploaded a tutorial on how to get you prepared for these two poses too! 

I send you every happiness and I hope that you enjoy the class