Yoga - A class that incorporates classic yoga postures to enhance strength of the body, relaxation of the mind and connection to the soul

Beginner Yoga - A great introduction to all the classic hatha yoga postures in a supported environment

Gentle Yoga - A quiet practice integrating joint mobility and gentle yoga postures to better health, relaxation and body movement

Yin Yoga - Long held yin postures to create flexibility, mobility and increase prana (chi) flow for optimal health. For any age, any ability

Stretch Yoga – Beginner Yoga to improve flexibility. Ideal for anyone who can’t touch their toes! 

Yoga Flow- An intermediate to advanced class that moves through postures, vinyasa style, to progress the yoga practitioner to higher levels of asana and meditation

Prenatal Yoga - Taught by a qualified midwife, hypo-birthing therapist and yoga teacher. this class is specifically designed for pregnancy, practicing postures that are safe and beneficial for you and your baby. Breathing and birthing techniques are also taught throughout the sessions. We suggest to start this class after your first trimester.

Kids Yoga - A fun yoga class for kids that runs during school terms. Teaching yoga postures, concentration and relaxation techniques


Beginner Pilates - A great introduction to PILATES, learning breathing techniques, body awareness, core control, strength and stability

Pilates - An intermediate level of Pilates choreographed to music for motivation, fun and endurance training

Reformer Pilates - Pilates training on the reformer by one of our three qualified instructors. These classes can be one - on - one or bring a friend and gain maximum benefits in your Pilates workouts. Reformer classes are by appointment only

5 - 1 Reformer Combo - A small sized class for maximum benefits, for an all over body workout on our Pilates apparatus' (reformers, wunda chairs, mat). Bookings essential.