Please read information below for a smooth transition back 

From Monday 29th June – Saturday 11th July

  • Please have a look at our schedule here and you will notice that we will be holding some classes ONLINE only, while other classes will be available for ‘face to face’ in studio combined with online access. This will support those who would like to continue practicing at home or for those who may have missed out on booking into class due to restricted numbers.

  • All classes in studio are limited to 10.

  • Register, book your class and payin our new booking system here 

  • We will add and rearrange our schedule after the 11th July which will be adjusted according to demand and regulations

  • Due to limited numbers, if you do not attend or cancel within four hours before start of class, full class fee with be forfeited.

  • Pilates reformer classes have been cancelled indefinitely. Michelle and Joanne will offer private one to one and two to one Pilates via appointment directly via text or leaving me a voice message on 0412570768

  • If you are looking for group classes please check out Studio 47 in O’Shanassy St for session times


  • Arrive 10 minutes before start of class as doors will be locked prior to commencement of class

  • Sanitiser is available as you enter the studio to be used

  • Bring your own mat, towel, water and props if necessary.
    At this time, we will not be providing these items for use.

  • There will be an iPad at the front desk to sign yourself in to your class as you enter. This is a mandatory requirement for our studio as well as government regulations.



  • Casual                    $20
  • 10 Session pass      $160 (6 month expiry)
  • 20 session pass      $300 (12 month expiry)
  • 50 session pass      $600 (12 month expiry)
  • Please note there will be no memberships available at this time


  • Casual                    $10
  • 10 Session Pass      $80 (3 month expiry)
  • All payments are made via debit/credit prior to class via our bookamat app LINK HERE


  • One to one             $70
  • Two to one             $90
  • Bookings can be made via text or voice message on 0412570768

If you need to contact me for anything regarding your existing membership or session passes please don't hesitate to text me on 0412570768 or email me at


Michelle and the 101 Team

 This will remain in place until it is considered safe to resume normal personal contact by our government, which if we all take seriously will hopefully reduce the severity and length of the impact of the pandemic to those people who are vulnerable and most at risk.


Welcome TO yoga 101

Namaste and welcome to Yoga 101, Sunbury.  We have created a unique and humble place in the heart of Sunbury to offer every person of any age and any ability to join in our Yoga classes.  Yoga is a means to finding a reconnection with the self through mindfulness, yoga postures, meditation, relaxation and healing breath work. 

You are welcome to a week trial for only $20 when you first join us.  This will give you a great introduction to the variety of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes that we offer.

We have continuous workshops and masterclasses throughout the year for members and non-members to attend that is advertised on our facebook page.


Yoga is a process that has been around for thousands of years to enable a person to unite the body, mind and soul. It also helps to develop flexibility, physical and mental strength, assist digestion, decrease stress levels, and teach relaxation techniques. At Yoga 101 we hold a variety of Yoga classes to suit all individuals.

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Pilates is a great way to develop core strength and tone the body. At Yoga 101 we have beginner mat Pilates classes, advanced mat Pilates classes and reformer Pilates.

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Meditation allows you to learn how to calm and clear the mind of daily stresses. It is an excellent way to learn relaxation and concentration exercises for the mind.