Opening Monday November 9th – Friday November 13th

10 spaces available in each class, bookings essential
Bring your own m


Now in two convenient locations!

Yoga 101 – 95A O’Shanassy St
Sunbury Indoor Sports Centre – 63 Vineyard Rd
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Yoga 101 warmly invites you to join our classes of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Workshops for continued health and wellness of Body, Mind and Soul.

Register and see our full schedule HERE 

Navigating a booking system can be quite a challenge to begin with, so we have uploaded a video below to take you step by step through our booking system and get you started.  Prior to booking be sure that you have downloaded the Zoom app on your device for it all to work smoothly.


Michelle and the 101 Team

Welcome TO yoga 101

Namaste and welcome to Yoga 101, Sunbury.  We have created a unique and humble place in the heart of Sunbury to offer every person of any age and any ability to join in our Yoga classes.  Yoga is a means to finding a reconnection with the self through mindfulness, yoga postures, meditation, relaxation and healing breath work. 

Experience benefits of :

Core strength
Mental strength and focus
Improved posture
Improved cardio fitness
Improved posture
Reduced back pain
Improved Flexibility and mobility
Sports injury prevention
Improved digestion
Improved circulation
Improved mental health
Relaxation strategies
Healthy weight management
Functional training
Cross training for runners
Mindful meditation
Body and breath awareness for integrated health gains
Holistic Health of Body, mind, and spirit


We have continuous workshops and masterclasses throughout the year for members and non-members to attend that is advertised on our facebook page.


Yoga is a process that has been around for thousands of years to enable a person to unite the body, mind and soul. It also helps to develop flexibility, physical and mental strength, assist digestion, decrease stress levels, and teach relaxation techniques. At Yoga 101 we hold a variety of Yoga classes to suit all individuals.

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Pilates is a great way to develop core strength and tone the body. At Yoga 101 we have beginner mat Pilates classes, advanced mat Pilates classes and reformer Pilates.

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Meditation allows you to learn how to calm and clear the mind of daily stresses. It is an excellent way to learn relaxation and concentration exercises for the mind.